Cultivating Character

After-School Program

T-K to High School age 

(Classes Grouped by grade)

Five Etiquette Lessons

50 minute class time

Handouts, Activities, Fun Games.

Encouraging students to participate  

Presenting an etiquette program that teaches manners & etiquette. Students learn when and why we  use etiquette in social situations.


Rules of Introductions
 Proper Handshake
Importance of Eye Contact
3 P's: Posture, Poise, Presence
Thank You Notes
Presenting a Good Self Image
Netiquette & Cell Phone Etiquette

What is a Lady/Gentleman
Good Sportsmanship

​A Welcome Guest / A Perfect Host

Table Setting & Placement

​Friendship Respect & Trust

Learn more about an etiquette curriculum

for your school by calling 

805.491.2509 for an appointment today.

Three student minimum insures students receive adequate teacher attention and  Eight student max. 

Etiquette Tea Party*

​​Ages 7-Adult

45 minute  lesson  by Ms. Lutz 

Tranquility Tea Room

Thousand Oaks



All Things Tea



​Learn etiquette tips while sipping tea  surrounded by elegant charm .

​Clients  personally contact

 tea room to plan their event . 

* Charge for Etiquette lesson 

$10.00 per person

separate charge from tea cost.

Manners that Matter "Basics"

North Ranch Center​

 3 Sunday's 4:30pm - 5:30pm

Rules  Introductions

Power of a Handshake
 Conversation/Communication Tips

Understanding Table Setting

Impressive Presence
Napkin Lesson

 Managing Finger Foods 

Good Grooming Tips

Setting, Seating, Standing Rules

Table Manners  & Much  More! 


Take home handouts included

Call 805.491.2509 Ms. Lutz

Manners that Matter 

Four Seasons Hotel  Westlake Village 

Four Course Meal Included

Focus on Dining Skills
First Impressions Matter
The Handshake
Approaching the Table

Seating a lady
Creating Conversation 
Table Manners & Tips
Napkin Lesson
Continental & American dining styles

Each course a lesson is presented


(See dates at Happening Tab)

5:30pm - 7:30pm

$68.00 per student 


Instructional method is experiential and designed to be fun, encouraging, and engaging. Small class size for a 

non-intimidating learning environment.  Students feel empowered as they learn to overcome social obstacles and prepare for future social settings with confidence and ease.

  • Class size 3 to 6 students max for personal attention.  Private lessons are available upon request.  

  • Classes are divided by age groups, and some courses by gender.  

  • Taught by Ms. Lutz at Community Centers, Four Seasons Westlake, Marie Callenders, Tranquility Tea Room, North Ranch CTR                .    

Manners 4 
       All !