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Dear Mrs. Lutz,

Thank you for inviting me to manners class. I can't wait to see you again.  I can't wait to do manners class again.   Your friend,   Jeffrey" (Age 7yrs old)

 Dear Mrs. Lutz, 

"I liked how it is so fun."    (Age: 7-old)

Newbury Park GS Troop Parent Leader

"Dear Ms. Lutz,
Our Girl Scout Troop really enjoyed your etiquette session today and I am certain it will serve for many years to come — a lifetime really. I am excited to utilize your expertise in the future.  Thanks for making it a fun meeting as well!  I could not have asked for a better experience for the girls. I will collect the evaluations and get them back to you. Have a great week. Christine "

Etiquette of Ventura County is based on the etiquette lessons and teachings of The American School of Protocol.  Ms. Lutz attended ASP and received her formal etiquette certification and training 2012.  She recertifies yearly to keep current with social culture. Ms. Lutz has over 25 years corporate office experience, early childhood teaching experience, and earned a BA degree in Communications from CLU.

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​Etiquette Coach for Camarillo, Simi Valley, Newbury Park 

Girl Scout TroopsT

Comments from Parents:

"Very pleased. He came home talking about what he learned."


"I have been looking for a class like this for my son that was local. Yes, I was very pleased with content of the class and I would continue with future classes.

Parent of 7yr old son (Klassy Kids Series)


"I was very pleased with the content of the class and was surprised at how much was actually covered over the 3 days.  There is nothing I would change.  Keep up the good work."

Parent of 10yr old son (Tomorrow's Gentleman)


"I was pleased with the content of the class. There are things that we have stressed to him that were reinforced in the class session, thank you

Ms. Lutz."

Father of  11 yr old son (Tomorrow's Gentleman)